Diabetes Management

Goals of Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a condition characterized by persistently high levels of glucose in the blood.

As the glucose levels reach the threshold, a part of it gets excreted in urine. Hence the name "diabetes" which means "to run through" and "mellitus" which means "sweet or with a taste of honey".

1. Eliminate the symptoms
2. Reduce or eliminate long-term complications of DM
3. Achieve as normal lifestyle as possible

When your blood glucose reaches 200 mg/dL, symptoms of diabetes are relieved. Then question is why to control blood glucose to the level suggested by American diabetic association?(Fasting plasma glucose: 70 – 130 mg/dL; Postprandial plasma glucose < 180 mg/dL)

United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS), which studied more than 5000 patients of diabetes for 10 years, proved that control of the blood glucose level towards ideal goal suggested by American Diabetic Association can postpone the chronic complication of diabetes.

So all the fight against diabetes is the fight against chronic complications of diabetes

It is also worth nothing that diabetes is frequently associated with other disorders like raised blood pressure, increased lipid levels, obesity etc. Just controlling the blood glucose level may not prevent chronic complications of diabetes. So in real sense if you want to prevent the chronic complications of diabetes, along with blood glucose control you should also control your blood pressure, lipid levels and weight. Discuss with doctor about the right figures of blood pressure, weight, and lipid levels for you. For the discussion about management of diabetes refer management of diabetes in the website.