Prevalence of Diabetes in India

According to the Diabetes Atlas published by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there were an estimated 40 million patients of diabetes in India in 2007 and this number is predicted to rise to almost 70 million in 2025 by which time every fifth diabetic patient in the world would be an Indian.

It is also known that almost 50% of diabetic patients remain undetected. Some of the patients may get detected as diabetic when they develop chronic complications of diabetes like heart attack, loss of vision, loss of sensation, kidney failure, non healing wounds etc.

The economic burden due to diabetes in India is among the highest in the world. But real burden is due to the long term complication which gives poor quality of life. Chennai Urban Population Study (CUPS) provided the first population based data from India on complications of diabetes. Assuming that 40 million people in India have diabetes, the figures in CUPS translate to at least 8.5 million patients of heart disease, 7 million of eye disease, 0.8 million kidney problem, 10.4 million with problem in sensations. (Ref: Joshi SR. , JAPI 2008 June;56: 443)