Muskaan is a patient support program from Wockhardt designed to bring smile to diabetics, the smile on achieving total glycaemic control. We at Wockhardt strongly believe that in chronic conditions like diabetes, self-care and self-awareness plays important role in improving health outcomes. MUSKAAN program aims to educate, guide and support you in managing diabetes effectively.

Patient education and training is integral part of modern diabetes care, it should be started from the day individual is diagnosed. There are various literatures and studies conducted to demonstrate that patient centric care - patient education, diabetes support programs, self-monitoring blood glucose and self-titration has brought timely treatment optimization, motivation, confidence and compliance, which consequently reduce events like hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia, discontinuation of treatment and diabetes complications.

Muskaan program intends to fulfil the need of patient support service in daily management of diabetes through patient centric care. The program has been carefully crafted to suit needs of diabetics according to their culture, region and linguistics.

    The goals of MUSKAAN program are as follows:-
  • Encourage regular /timely follow up with treating physician
  • Improve awareness of Diabetes and its complication and their management.
  • Improve awareness of balancing meals through education.
  • Provide encouragement and motivation for following regular physical activity/exercise by the patient, as per the Doctor’s advice.
  • Encourage monitoring by patients i.e. regular testing of necessary blood glucose tests.

What is provided under MUSKAAN? Under Muskaan program following services will be provided to patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Patient education materials. The content would be duly verified by competent authorities for accuracy, simplicity and reliability

Teleservices: Our personnel are expertly trained diabetes educators. Our tele-services personnel would guide you in Regional Language of your choice on

  • Type of diet according to customs and region to suitably keep sugar levels under control.
  • ¬†Life style to be maintained, daily activities to be followed and type of exercise to be carried out without getting hypoglycaemia
  • Remind you on scheduled follow up visit with the treating Diabetologist
  • Prompt you on scheduled HbA1C test, and blood glucose check-up / neuropathy check up.

How can I enrol? Enrolment is very simple!!!

Just give a Missed Call (at least three rings) to 022-65656644 from your mobile phone.
You will receive a confirmatory SMS, followed by phone call from our counsellor.